How Your Kansas Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Should Challenge an Arresting Officer’s Statements

The police officer who pulled you over will fill out a form describing what you did, how you looked, and what you said while you were in custody. Your Kansas drunk driving defense attorney’s job is to examine every statement that the officer makes about you for inconsistencies and evident mistakes or untruths.

For example, if your blood test shows a high alcohol content, but your arresting officer describes your behavior as normal and unimpaired, this discrepancy should be asserted to call the blood test result in question.

On the other hand, if there is a videotape of your encounter with the police officer which displays your unimpaired conduct, your Kansas drunk driving defense attorney might use this evidence to discredit any negative observations the officer has made about your actions.

If your arresting offer had the option of videotaping you during your traffic stop but declined to do so, your Kansas drunk driving defense attorney may also be able to dismiss the charges against you on that basis by suggesting that the reason no videotape was made is that the officer realized that visually recorded evidence of your conduct would have been favorable to your case.

A police officer’s statements about your conduct and condition when you were pulled over and arrested should never go untested. Rather than letting police officers characterize the circumstances surrounding your arrest on their own terms, make sure you have a Kansas drunk driving defense attorney with the experience it takes to push back against their unilateral assertions. Addair Thurston has the experience and the tenacity to challenge any statement that the officer may try to make against you.